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Far Infrared and Anion Technology

Far Infrared radiation (FIR) is a safe range on the wavelength spectrum at 15–1000 µm with a frequency range of 0.3–20 THz, and photon energy range of 1.2–83 meV.

Anions are negatively charged, subatomic ions found in nature with antimicrobial attributes included in the GuardION formulation.

When the GuardION thermoreceptors receive body heat, they are stimulated to release non—toxic FIR energy back to the skin.

The FIR wavelength is capable of penetrating the skin approximately 1.5 inches and is known to have a therapeutic effect.

GuardION products use proprietary FIR emitting components embedded into a substrate for a wide range of materials to help generate this therapeutic effect for biomedical applications.